Rules – 5-Pitch – 2018

  1. HAVE FUN!!!!!
  2. A minimum eight (8) players constitute a team.  Ten (10) players constitute a full team.  Should two teams (mutually agreed) desire to play more than Ten (10) players any surplus players must be in the outfield.  Should a team be below the minimum number of 8 players then player(s) should be borrowed from the other team to equal the teams out and allow all players an equal amount of playing time.
  3. Normal positions are deemed pitcher, catcher, 1st base, 2nd base, short stop, 3rd base and 4 outfielders (Left, Left Center, Right Center & Right field).  Outfielders may move around.
  4. Coaches or their designate will be responsible for calling fair, foul, safe or out.  This Coach or designate only will be the one to call “Time” once the play has reached its logical conclusion.  They will not allow teams to have players run at will on expected overthrows.  (Normally it is the adult pitching that would make the calls but at the coaches discretion they may have a volunteer elsewhere such as behind the plate.)  There are no umpires supplied for this level as this is a new learning level for the children.  This will be reviewed with the coaches thru this year, for next year.
  5. Pants long enough to cover the knees “at all times must” be worn other-wise the Coaches will not allow the game to proceed if a player dressed in inappropriate attire attempts to play.
  6. The outfielders are not allowed on the infield dirt before a hit.  Any outfielder may make a play in the infield where the situation warrants.
  7. Seven runs or three outs end an inning.  The last inning is always open.  The game will end when a team losing by 15 runs has had five at bats (this is a mercy).  A team losing by 20 runs may decide that the game is over at any time before this, at the LOSING team’s discretion.
  8. Regular season games will be five to seven innings.  The length will be mutually agreed upon by both teams.  No new inning will start after 8:00pm.
  9. The batting order will be followed as listed on the game roster.  Any late player will be placed at the end of the batting order at any time.  No changes in the batting roster are permitted once the game has begun unless it is removing a player from the game due to injury or having to leave the park early.  A player may only re-enter the game after having missed a turn, if and only if, their injury allows them to.
  10. Each batting team will use their own pitcher (coach or parent) who will pitch from a distance they are comfortable with.
  11. The player in the pitcher’s position “ MUST”  wear a supplied pitcher’s  mask/helmet  for safety.  If a pitcher isn’t wearing a helmet, the Coaches will ensure that the game will not resume until a mask/helmet is worn.
  12. No intentional or fake bunts are allowed.  If a batter squares to bunt and turns and makes a full swing, they will be out.
  13. Each batter will have 5 pitches to hit.
  14. Caught foul balls must exceed the batters height to be considered an out.
  15. If the pitcher is hit with a batted ball, it is a DEAD BALL.  No pitch counted towards the batter.
  16. If the pitcher (coach) deliberately interferes with a batted ball the batter is out.  The player in the pitcher’s position is free to make any play.
  17. If a ball is overthrown that goes out of play (i.e. over or under the fence), or into the bench area – all runners are awarded the next base from the time of the throw.  The fence is considered live with respect to overthrows.
  18. A runner’s foot may not leave the base until the batter has contacted the ball.  Any runner leading off is OUT.  A “no pitch” will be called by the umpire and the runner will be out.
  19. There is NO sliding.
  20. It is the responsibility of the base runner to avoid any contact with a fielder.  Should a fielder interfere and block the base path then the next base may be awarded.
  21. Once time has been called or the ball has been thrown towards the pitcher, the play is dead and runners may not advance.
  22. A commitment line will be drawn 20 feet from home plate.  Once a runner crosses this line they may not retreat to third base otherwise they will be declared out.  Once the commitment line is touched their only option is to go home and pass the safety line.
  23. A line will be drawn horizontally from the top of home plate towards the back stop as a “safe line”.  Any runner between this line and the commitment line will be called out when the ball is held by a defensive player in contact with home plate.
  24. Any runner touching the plate will be called out.
  25. Any player running the bases must touch each base or they will be called out upon touching the next base or the base missed is tagged by a defending player in control of the ball.
  26. Absolutely no TAGGING between the commitment line and the safe line.
  27. No metal, plastic or soccer cleats.
  28. The home team is responsible for taking down the diamond.  Use the supplied hammer in the equipment bags and try not to rip the straps.  All bases are to be put “IN” the Equipment Shed.
  29. Both teams are responsible for cleaning the benches after each game to a condition better than they found them.
  30. All equipment must be kept within the bench area which extends to one pole beyond the bench to the end of the fence directly in front of the bench.
  31. No Mouth Rule – Players and Coaches are required and expected to act in a civil manner towards “ALL” other Players, Coaches and Umpires.  Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and will be subject to suspension and/or ejection from the League as per the City of Hamilton’s Zero Tolerance Policy (found under the Public Works section on the City of Hamilton’s website).
  32. Play smart, play hard, learn and most importantly HAVE FUN !!!